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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday, September 23rd and Wednesday, September 24th

1.) Class opener

The Kansas state historical society has a poster about Nicodemus.  It begin, “All colored people that want to go to Kansas, on September 5th, 1877, can do so for $5.00.”  That poster probably responsible for my familys involvement in this new community.  The town has few people in it today but someday, I hope. It may become a historic site.  (8 errors)

2.) Active reading strategies:  What do you already do to be an active reader?

3.) Practice actively reading with news article.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

 Writing Sample

Today you are going to write a little bit about yourself, so we can have a nice sample of your writing from the beginning of this school year.  We will look at it again at the end of the year to see how much progress you have made!

Memorable Moments:

Directions: Write a story explaining your memorable moment.  Be sure to give three (3) details or reasons why it was so memorable.  Remember to use correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and paragraphs.

Some ideas to help you...
*What did you do that you will always remember?
*Why was it so memorable?
*Tell your story in a way that will make your readers remember too.
Class Opener for September 17th and 18th

In your notebook, write the following sentences correctly.  Make sure to date your notebook.

1.) a.) "A cornet, said Aunt Malia "is more shorter and fatter than a trumpet."

     b.) "Playing either of them however is very pleasureable," her said.

2.) a.) "My ignorence about musical instruments is embarrassing" i telled her.

     b.) She explained, "These kinds of instruments are all horns trumpets trombones cornets and French horns."

Monday, September 15, 2014

Class Opener for Monday, September 15th and Tuesday, September 16th

In your notebook, write the following sentences correctly.

1.) a.) Wapi said, "what a createive person aunt Malia is"!

     b.) Later wapi asked I how many instruments Aunt Mali plays?

2.) a.) Aunt Malia said to me, "I can play the trumpet cornet trombone and french horn.

      b.) She added, "let me play something by brahms my favorite composeer."

Friday, September 12, 2014

Class Opening for September 11th and 12th.

In your notebook, please describe what you think genre means?

1.) Discuss class opener.
2.) Video about genre with some mapping. Genre Vid Clip
3.) Name that Genre!
4.) Reading Inventory